Ekaterina Ivanova
Program Director

More than 6 years in scientific research at Lomonosov Moscow State University of fine chemical technology, in 2013 she defended her thesis on the development of liposomal gene delivery systems based on cationic lipids and carbohydrate-containing neutral amphiphiles.
She participated in the executing of government contracts performed by the Institute in the framework of the federal program, performed planning and conducted research work accordingly several RFBR grants.
Since 2013 has been engaged in pre-clinical development at "Maxwell Biotech Group". She is organizing the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients and the finished product, pre-clinical studies of efficacy and safety of original pharmaceuticals,
Since 2013, Program Director of "Oncomax". Author and co-author of 4 scientific articles.

 Исследования осуществляются ООО «ОнкоМакс» при грантовой поддержке Фонда «Сколково».