OncoMax has received U.S. patent on drug for targeted therapy of renal cell carcinoma

Biotechnological company OncoMax, Ltd has increased the commercial value of its patent portfolio due to the U.S. patent (US 8487083 July 16, 2013). The document proves originality and innovation of the developed medicine OM-RCA-01, a monoclonal antibody specific to fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR1) and to antiboby’s conjugat with cytotixic components. The drug is intended for a targeted therapy of the oncological diseases. OncoMax is the first project jointly invested by Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund and RVC Seed Fund.
OncoMax is a Russian private biotechnological company founded in 2010 with the goal of developing and launching new diagnostic and therapeutic anti-cancer agents. Drug development is the main but not the only focus of the company. OncoMax’s current aim is an intellectual property defense both on Russian and global markets. "The development strategy of the product includes the territorial evolution of its legal protection. In this case the U.S. patent gives the company OncoMax a significant advantage in commercialization to the global market, Elina Zaveleva said, CEO of OncoMax".
 Besides the U.S. patent the company has patents acting on the Russian territory and the countries of the Eurasian Patent Convention. The documents confirm the company exclusive rights related to the technology of product development, i.e. the way the fibroblast growth factor receptor is blocked in order to inhibit the tumour growth.
The company patent portfolio confirms the novelty of the pharmaceuticals OM-RCA-01 which purposefully blocks a specific target on a tumour cell, thus affecting the mechanisms of tumor development and resistance. The drug can be prescribed both as first-line treatment and in case of inefficiency of other types of therapy in the second and subsequent lines.
About Maxwell Biotech Group
Maxwell Biotech Group (MBG) is a development partner and financial resource for innovative biotechnology companies. MBG provides investment capital and access to an established infrastructure for conducting high-quality clinical trials in Russia, and helps enable the rapid and cost-effective achievement of clinical objectives. Our unique business model can add value to our partners’ pipelines and provide a commercialization path to one of the most lucrative emerging markets. MBG relies on an experienced international team of managers and financial and industry experts. The Group includes 10 innovative biotechnological projects, developing in the portfolio companies: OncoMax, Photonics, MetaMax, Infectex, NeuroMax, CardioNova, Hepatera, Osteros Biomedica, Eleventa.   All the group’s companies are the residents of the Biomed Cluster at Skolkovo Innovation Center and 5 of them are members of the Technology Platform “The Medicine of the Future”.
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About Russian Venture Company
RVC is a government fund of funds and a development institute of the Russian Federation, one of Russia's key tools in building its own national innovation system.
RVC was established by Russian Government on June 7, 2006 (Order No. 838-r). Its mission is to encourage Russia’s own VC industry and boost capital of VC funds. RVC’s role is that of a government fund of venture capital funds channeling public incentives to venture capital and financial support to the hi-tech sector, and of a Russian VC industry development institution.
RVC’s authorized capital — RUB 30 011 320 700 (about US$ 983.2 mln) — is 100% owned by the Federal Agency for State Property Management (Rosimuschestvo). RVC has backed 12 funds to a total capitalization of RUB 26.1 bln, its share amounting to RUB 16 bln. As on January 2013, RVC backed funds run a portfolio of 139 companies, invested capital totaling more than RUB 12.1 bln. 
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