OncoMax and Seed investments in Biotech

Dmitry Popov, managing partner of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund, Ilya Tsimafeyeu, scientific adviser of OncoMax Ltd, will participate in TV program Technopark on Russia 24.

When a scientist or an inventor achieves the first encouraging results and makes a decision to establish a company on the basis of these results, there is no business itself on this stage. Where is it possible to find money for the further research work, if technological, economic and patents risks are so high? Those scientist, who work in the sphere of digital technologies, at an early stage are looking for the support of small private investors, who are called business angels. In biotechnological projects small angel investments are usually not enough and a businessman has to seek for a support of the special funds of early stages financing or the so-called seed funds. Their portfolio consists of risky projects, which are focused on breakthrough directions with high commercial potential. Successful investments in one or two rapidly growing companies can make the whole portfolio profitable.

Participants of the program:

Andrey Gudkov, founder and scientific director of the Cleveland BioLabs biotechnological company

Alexey Konov, director of investments of the Bioporcess venture fund

Ilya Tsimafeyeu, scientific adviser of OncoMax

Dmitry Popov, managing partner of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund

Vladimir Yakushev, chief of the office of the S-Group Capital Management venture fund


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