OncoMax is the First Project of Maxwell Biotech which has Attracted Grant Financing from Skolkovo Foundation

Signing of the agreement on cooperation between the management company Maxwell Asset Management and Skolkovo Foundation for Development of the Center for Elaboration and Commercialization of New Technologies in May 2011 can be considered the official start of cooperation of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund with Skolkovo. Within the framework of the announced cooperation 5 companies which received investments from the fund became residents of Skolkovo Innovation Center Biomedical Cluster, and now the first of them, OncoMax, has received approval of the grant committee.

Dmitry Popov, Managing Partner of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund, is sure that cooperation with Skolkovo will continue in the future: “Last year we have started quite an effective interaction with the biomedical cluster and we hope that next year other portfolio companies of the fund will manage to attract grant financing. All our projects are directed at the solution of serious social, economic, and medical problems: treatment of oncologic and cardiovascular diseases, treatment of diabetes complications, treatment of dangerous infectious diseases. These diseases are the main mortality causes in the Russian Federation and all over the world, thus, it is very important that Skolkovo as one of development institutes provides additional support to the companies, which developments can improve the quality of life for millions of people”.

Alexey Teleshev, Director of RVC Seed Fund says: “OncoMax is a vivid example of synergy of efforts of Skolkovo Foundation and two venture funds, Maxwell Biotech and RVC Seed Fund, founded with the participation of RVC. It is very important when projects with global prospects are approved both by investors, and by the wide circle of world-renowned experts. And we already see that OncoMax project is exactly like this”.


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