OncoMax Strengthens its IP Defense

Just before the World Cancer Day announced by the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) and commemorated annually on February 4, OncoMax became the patent owner for its development, a humanized monoclonal antibody for treatment of renal cell carcinoma as well as for the antibody’s use as inhibitor of tumour growth and diagnostic means of malignant tumours.

The received patent (no. 2440142, registered in the State Register of Invention of the Russian Federation on January 20, 2012) in a significant degree strengthens intellectual property protection of the company on the territory of the Russian Federation. From now on the company has the exceptional right for the developed medicine OM-RCA-01indicated for targeted therapy of kidney cancer.

Within the framework of intellectual property development, OncoMax has also received a positive decision on being granted another patent for invention related to the technology of product development, i.e. the way the fibroblast growth factor receptor is blocked in order to inhibit the tumour growth (the Eurasian Patent Office). International legal claims of the company got their development on the territory of the USA and Europe: the international patent claim submitted in 2009 was transferred to the national (regional) stages of pendency in the USA and European Union and at the moment is under expertise on correspondence with internal requirements of these territories.

OncoMax biotechnological company is the first project jointly invested by Maxwell Biotex Venture Fund, founded with the participation of RVC OJSC, and RVC Seed Fund. In April 2011 OncoMax became a resident of Biomedical cluster at Skolkovo Innovation Center, and at the end of 2011 its development was approved by the grant committee of Skolkovo Foundation, which permitted the company to attract additional funding in the amount of 30 mln. rubles.

Dmitry Popov, Managing Partner of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund, says: “Successful development of intellectual property of OncoMax on the one hand confirms the unique character of the developed medicine and concept of tumour growth rate suppression, on the other hand it gives the company legal warranties of exclusive use of its invention, which significantly increases its cost”.

Alexey Teleshev, Director of RVC Seed Fund, says: “For investors competent protection of intellectual property, both in the Russian Federation, and globally, is one of really important issues in the development of the innovation company. At the pharmaceutical market the importance of opportune acquisition of patents increases by several times. OncoMax is one of the first projects which has attracted investments from RVC Seed Fund since it was founded. The project team is engaged in distinct and systematic research in the field of development of the company’s intellectual property, establishing its protection on the Russian and global pharmaceutical markets”.


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